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One Church One Child of Maryland

One Church, One Child works to reduce the numbers of children in the Maryland foster care system through adoption education and recruitment. We seek to increase adoption opportunities for Maryland's waiting children.


We believe that all of Maryland's waiting children--regardless of age, circumstances or challenge--deserve a permanent, loving nurturing family.  We believe that our efforts will result in finding the right parents for these children.

To donate click the Donate tab at the top via PayPal or you can send your donations to:


One Church One Child of Maryland, Inc.

5900 Bland Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland 21215

ONE CHURCH, ONE CHILD OF MARYLAND Invites interested persons to our Community Adoption Family Support Group. (This is a non-profit organization support group that provides information, education, support, encouragement, shared experiences and friendship for families with Adopted children, those in the process of Adopting and those considering Adoption.) (Child Care is provided) 

One Church One Child of Maryland facilitates the adoption of children, in the child welfare system, into caring, safe, and loving homes through partnering with faith-based organizations and churches to recruit families willing to adopt.

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